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Welcome to the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs

Have a Modern XK or thinking of buying one?

XK Seminar September 10th, ask the experts everything you need to know. Book Now!

Want to go to the Goodwood Revival but do not have a ticket!

Member John Boddy has a 3 day pass he cant use - its worth £164. He is open to offers contact him on 01747 812170 or email: ja.boddy123@btinternet.com


Ripley Castle, 4th September 2016. Book now!

Enjoy 100's of Jaguars in the same place, anniversary displays, sounds from The Glamophones, Deepsnake and the glorious Lancaster on a fly past plus much more.



Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival


Fantastic Member benefit. Tickets for the NEC Classic Motor Show starting from £18*!