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Jaguar Heritage Museum - Closure -new update!

Following our initial posting (below)  we have now had the following statement


The following statement has been issued by Ken McConomy, Jaguar Global PR Director and Jaguar Heritage Trustee

''The Jaguar Heritage trustees and JLR are aware of the increasing rumours around the future of the Jaguar Heritage Museum and its operations.

I want to assure everyone that we have agreed a mid-term solution where Jaguar Heritage staff will relocate to new office premises, close to Jaguar Land Rover's corporate headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. The longer term vision is that we will have an all new Jaguar Heritage museum; however we are not disclosing any further details at the moment.

Hopefully this clarifies the situation and confirms that Jaguar's heritage is very important to Jaguar's new leadership team, in fact we will be making a formal announcement about Jaguar Heritage and its future strategic direction next month. The Jaguar brand will always protect and preserve its priceless heritage.

We will confirm a series of global Jaguar Heritage events for this year, with the team attending an increasing number of activities with our historic sports cars.''

Previous announcement
We are led to believe that the report detailed on the Classic and Sportscar magazine website (click here) is factually correct. However the club is seeking a meeting with the Trustees of Jaguar Heritage and a senior Board Director from Jaguar Cars, to clarify the situation and hopefully find the definitive answer to the future of the Heritage collection.
Tony Ridge
PR & Marketing Manager
& Jaguar Cars Liaison