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Welcome to the Mk2 Forum of the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club!

In this Forum, we use the name 'Mk2' for brevity. A better descriptor would be 'Compact Saloons', since it embraces: Mk1, Mk2, 240, 340, Daimler V8 & 250, S-Type and 420 / Daimler Sovereign.

Within the JEC, we use the word "Forum" not to represent a Bulletin Board, or a website. It's much more than that. We use the word Forum to mean the way that we use all the resources, services, facilities and expertise of the Club to support those members with a specific interest in a particular model.

The Mk2 Forum does not have "members". The Forum seeks to provide support to Club members for their Mk2 needs and interests; and all members may, therefore, choose to participate and engage in the work and activities of the Forum.

The aims of the Mk2 Forum are to:
  • Provide support and information for members to assist in the purchase, ownership and maintenance of an Mk2
  • Maintain a dedicated Mk2 area within the JEC magazine as a focus for that model
  • Organise meetings, events and seminars for the participation of Mk2 owners and enthusiasts
  • Promote membership of the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club for all Mk2 owners and enthusiasts
  • Manage the Mk2 section of the JEC website Bulletin Board
  • Manage the Mk2 section of the JEC Member Vehicle Register

You can read about some of the ways that we support the Mk2 enthusiast by selecting the page tabs above. Our technical experts can help to answer any problems that you have with your car and you can use the JEC Bulletin Board to seek advice from, and converse with, other members by clicking the Bulletin Board link at top-right.

Members should ensure that they keep their membership record updated with the details of the Jaguars that they own. This is an extremely important element in helping the club to understand the vehicle population such that we can provide our members with the appropriate products and services.